About AP Saddlery

It all started by a man named Paul Wiedeman in 1991. He opened Paul's Saddle Shop in Watson, Louisiana after retiring from the Baton Rouge police department. He started by building and selling tack along with repairing saddles for the locals. 

His grandson Austin Morris was raised in the saddle shop from birth. Over the years Paul continued to teach Austin on the basics of leather craft.

Paul died in 2011 and Austin took over Paul's Saddle Shop full time. With an interest in continuing the legacy of his grandfather but a desire to do more, Austin began designing and building custom products suggested by friends and customers. Soon word spread, leading to the creation of AP Saddlery in 2012. Austin married Sarah in 2013 and they joined forces to produce top quality items by hand.

Over the years, increased online following brought many changes to the shop. Saddle repairs were reduced and manufacturing multiple lines of custom leather products to sell online became the main focus.

Today the team has grown, and together continue to evolve AP Saddlery products to meet short comings in the market.

Thank you for trusting us. It is with your support that AP Saddlery is what it is today.