Our New Website

Any of our past customers will notice a huge change in our website. We have converted to a better platform to increase the simplicity of purchases. 

Product Changes- You will notice pictures of our most popular products may look a little different from our old ones. Since we design every product that we produce, there are small changes that we make over time to improve products based on customer feedback. With this new site, it will be easier to update our content as time goes on.

Smaller Product Selection- With growth, we have had to modify all of the options that we have to offer. Some items simply just take too much time and materials and no longer fit into our brand or commitment to customer service. As of 2/2022, we are starting off our listings with our top selling items. If you're not seeing what you came for, don't worry! We will continue to add back in some of our favorite products as time goes on. You will also see more options for personalization to some of our current products soon.

Orders from Old Website- We are still processing the orders from our old site even if the product isn't offered for sale on this new site. The main purpose of our restructuring is to reduce the long lead time we have, a result of the combination of large orders for incredibly detailed, time-consuming products, and delays and pricing increases from our distributors.

We appreciate your patience and thank you for continuing to choose AP Saddlery for your leather products.

-Austin and Sarah Morris